Mikhail Yurievich Kartuzov

Of Counsel

  • Barcelona
    C/. Beethoven, nº 13, 7º
    08021 BARCELONA

    Tel.:+34 93 241 30 20
    Fax:+34 93 414 38 85
  • Law Degree, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University
  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management and Legal Skills, Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía with F.C. Barcelona
  • PhD in Law, National University “Odessa Academy of Law” (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Attorney-at-Law in Russia and Ukraine
Professional Experience

Of Counsel of the Firm. He has broad experience in Procedural Law and Arbitration, especially, in the Sports Law. Providing the consultations in the area of the Sports Law and representing the interests of the various stakeholders in the sport area, in particularly to agents, intermediaries, clubs, athletes and coaches. Participating in the court, disciplinary and arbitration cases before the FIFA, the CAS, the international and national sports federations.

  • "Advantages and Disadvantages of International Commercial Arbitration in comparison to Litigation and other Means of Dispute Resolution", in Evropsky Politicky a Pravni Diskurz. Brno: Jizni Palmira, 2015.  Volume 2, Issue 3.  p. 64-69.
  • "Preventive Measures in the Commercial Procedure: Experience of Ukraine and Other Countries". Odessa: Feniks, 2014. 250 p.
  • "International Commercial Arbitration: Methodological Manual for the Course of Lectures in English". Odessa: Feniks, 2012. 124 p.
  • "Commercial Law of Ukraine" (Chapter 10 "Legal regulation of trade", Chapter 11 "Legal regulation of carriage of goods"). Kharkov: Odissey, 2011. 640 p.
  • "Commercial procedural Law of Ukraine" (general edition; Chapter 3: Paragraph 2, Paragraph 3; Chapter 8; Chapter 11, Chapter 20). Kharkov: Odissey, 2011. 400 p.
  • "Ways of Development of the Institute of Arrest of Sea-going Vessels After Joining of Ukraine to the International Convention on Unification of Some Rules, which Have Link With Arrest of Sea-going Vessels from 10.05.1952", in Actual problems of the state and law. Odessa: Legal literature, issue 67 (2012), p. 93-107.
  • "Problems of interpretation of the commercial-procedural norms on the competence", in "Actual problems of the state and law". Odessa: Legal literature, issue 50 (2009), p. 165-176.
  • "Peculiarities of Using of the Preventive Measures by the Defense of the Intellectual Property Rights", in Customs business, issue 9(6/2) (2009), p. 292-299.
  • "Peculiarities of using of the Preventive Measures by the International Commercial Arbitration", in Customs business, issue 5(65) (2009), p. 100-107.
  • "Problematic issues of the using of the Preventive Measures in the commercial procedure of Ukraine", in Materials of International Legal Conference “200 years of commercial procedure in Ukraine”. Odessa: Astroprint, 2009. 384 p.
  • "Peculiarities of the Preventive Measures, Which Have Target of Arresting the Sea-going Ships, in the Practice of England", in Customs business, issue 2(62) (March-April 2009).
  • "Possibility of recover of non-material damage caused by the non-performance of obligations under an agreement", in Legal practice, issue 26 (444) from 27.06.2006.
  • "Problems of small business in Ukraine", in Materials of International Conference, Kiev,1998.
  • "Memorandum: Land reform in the Odessa region", in Ukrainian Business News, issue 22 (1997).
  • "Development and Legal Regulation of Free Economical Zones", in Legal Journal of the Odessa State University, issue 3 (1997).


  • Professor at the National University “Odessa Academy of Law” (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Professor at the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow, Russia)


  • "International Commercial Arbitration" in Universita per Stranieri di Perugia (Perugia, Italia, April 2013)
  • "The Procedures in the International Commercial Arbitration" in Anadolu Univesity (Eskeshehir, Turkiye, October 2014)
  • "Criteria using by the FIFA Disciplinary authorities when imposing the disciplinary sanctions" in Romanian Sports Forum (Bucharest, Romania, 2 June 2018)
  • Presentation of the Organisational Committee of the International Sports Competition "Eurasiada" of the Assembly of People of Eurasia (Moscow, Russia, 19 July 2018)


Membership to Professional Associations
  • ISDE Sports Law Alumni
  • National Associations of Attorneys-at-Law of Ukraine
  • Collegium of Attorneys-at-Law of the Moscow, Russia
  • Member of the Sports Committee of the International Union "Assembly of the People of Eurasia"
  • Español
  • English
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Українська (Ukrainian)

We are very optimistic. We do believe indeed that we can achieve everything.

C/. Beethoven, nº 13, 7º
Tel.: +34 93 241 30 20
Fax: +34 93 414 38 85
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