The tradition and history of a today's firm:

Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle as such has been present in the legal market for over 20 years, even though its activities started much before, when two centennial firms allied. During 20 years, we have learned to preserve the best of traditional law practice and to combine and improve it with the methodology, forms and solutions of today's techniques in order to meet the quality standards of the new practice of law.

Although the essence of our firm is to respect our legal tradition and to work on every issue in a traditional, tailored way, we understand and give response to the market's new demands which are derived from the immediacy and speed of today. Our firm is not afraid of change, but our aim is to preserve the best practices that mark out our trajectory.

We put our clients first

Even though it may result obvious, we are lawyers who advocate for our clients. The meaning of our work is derived from our clients' interests, and they are always a priority to us. Our commitment towards our clients is firm, loyal and intends to be long-lasting. We treat each case with the same commitment and responsibility. We aim to understand our clients' problems and necessities in order to offer them a better service. We intend to be close to our clients.


We are team players. When a client commissions an issue to a lawyer of our firm, he is commissioning the whole firm. We share our issues and, in collaboration with a wide group of professionals from different areas, we approach to it in the utmost appropriate way, bearing in mind the different areas of our firm that may take part in the matter.


Our main aim is client satisfaction. This is the best way to present our firm. We pursue long-term success and a long-lasting relationship of trust with our clients. Therefore, we offer our legal point of view with utmost honesty. Like good doctors do, we do not say what our clients want to hear, but what we consider to be legally appropriate.

Professional Solvency

We are very much concerned with doing things right, and we put all our efforts and resources. We are not intimidated by complex issues, but motivated. Evaluation, teamwork and legal analysis are our best allies. Our aim is to, when putting an end to an issue and considering it in hindsight, not having the feeling that we should have done things in a different way. This methodology guarantees always the best result possible.

We believe in talent

Our firm grows from bottom to top. We look for talent among young lawyers and we offer them to be part of our family. With the help of our expertise and means, we ensure that they can give the best of themselves and that they become great professionals. Our philosophy is to respect the principles of merit and ability.

We are an international firm

We are an international, global firm. Our clients come from a wide range of territories and we work within different jurisdictions. We can provide advice and legal assistance through our international networks. Our geographical scope ranges to wherever our clients' interests arrives.

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